Shoot with Beckstead – Birmingham Photography Workshops

Well, I have been dying to share my images from the amazing Shoot with Beckstead workshop that I attended last month! (clawing my way out of the fall rush black hole.) I have been wanting to take his workshop probably since I first started my business. David sees light and composition like no one else! I had been talking (raving) about him to some of my photographer friends. We are Facebook friends, of course.. 🙂 so I decided to post on his wall and ask if he was coming to Birmingham any time soon. (He had come in the past.) I was THRILLED when that post set the ball rolling and got him here!!! We had a great time shooting the COLD weather that day. I felt so bad for our models, but they were champs! One girl was literally shaking all over she was so cold, but hung in there! I cannot say enough about learning from David. He knows the rules, but also knows how to break them. He is free, but yet conscience of all the elements in the photograph. Here is a sampling of some of my pics.

I added a texture overlay of an image of the pealing walls in this building. I was distracted by all the textures in there!!! 
Amazing photog and friend Grethel Van Epps working the camera. 🙂
Our illustrious leader. 🙂

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